Agustin de la Torre

Sailor on the lam


Agustin’s a Musket wielder first and foremost…both with shot and bayonet and his weapon has been ‘twisted’, enchanted by a Vodacce Fate witch. Agustin took it off the base commander when he was liberated and wears a brand on the arm from that prison.

In prison Agustin was put to hard labor helping rebuild the Castillian fleet, and learned a great deal about building ships. He also intentionally, or otherwise, rubbed elbows with criminals (or those who became criminals when treated as such) and learned a bit from them. When Sean and party organized the breakout, Agustin took active part in defeating the few sober guards (most of them drunk at a big prize-fight)… this is where he grabbed the Musket of the city commander. Since then Agustin has been using what he learned about ships while serving on the Escape, the ship Sean and party stole on their way out of the burning shipyards.

Prior to prison, Agustin was a high ranking guard to a Don, but he was also his chief huntsman. Agustin would often accompany him on hunts and teach the skill to his children. This is how he came to be sleeping with his daughter in a forest. The Don found out and had Agustin arrested. He falsely accused Agustin of hearsay, and would have had him burned… but while Agustin is no noble, he has a vast family with many connections and they couldn’t have one of their own burned at the stake… .thanks to their pleas Agustin’s sentence was reduced to prison time serving the nation.

Agustin de la Torre

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