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Welcome to the main wiki page for Convergence of Fate, a 7th Sea campaign played by people, and not robots.

The PC’s are:

  • “Big” Thom Flint, Innish sailor aboard The Escape, but seemingly larger then that ship and life itself.
  • Agustin de la Torre, Castillian prisioner turned Sailor, who’s love for women often overrides any sense of reason.
  • Deitrich Meinard von Lutz II, Eisen noble, dispossessed heir to the Freiherrschaft von Gilt on a journey of ambition.
  • Pierre Prasse du Rachetisse, Young Montaigne noble and Porte mage, confident of his superiority in all matters.
  • Hendrik van der Vos, Young son of a merchant on a quest for…. something. Never short of knives.
  • Sean MacEarly O’Brian, Innnish Captain of The Escape and Baron of Kimlick, a man with a quick draw and a sharp tongue.
  • Thomas the Hawk, Avalon swordsman and mercenary man-at-arms, he’s outran his past, hoping fate won’t have him meet it in the future.

More information on NPCs and PCs can be found on the characters page, or one the pages of the respective PCs.

For more information on vital information on the game, such as a synopsis of the last adventure or planning for next session, visit the home page.

Our XP, Reward, and Reputation Log keeps track of the numerical side of player development.

Here are some simple guidelines when editing or upkeeping the wiki:

  • Make sure you tag any characters with at least their nationality and occupation. Other tags you may wish to add might include social status, or tags relating to memberships.
  • When creating a character page, be conscientious of naming conventions, and try and be consistent with naming. NPCs should be named in a clear manner.
  • Remember, the first purpose of the wiki is because we all forget things. Take the initiative and write up pages for unique items, characters, and other things that may come up, especially if the party may forget the details later.
  • The Adventure log is important, but so is cross referencing. Later in the campaign, it may be easier to find a particular character page then it is to scroll through an entire adventure log. Don’t forget the importance of this when writing descriptions and fluff.

Main Page

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