Thomas the Hawk

Avalon Swordsman and Mercenary Man-at-Arms


Thomas has a long, angular face, intent nose, black eyes, and coarse, straight, chestnut-colored hair, cut practically short. He has a toned, athletic build, and a pale, fair complexion common among his countrymen.

He normally wears a brimmed hat, adorned with several hawk’s feathers in the band, high black leather riding boots, sturdy trousers, and a white shirt. For the period of his commission, he wears a tabard over his clothing, with shoulders but no sleeves, decorated with the symbol of the Eisen Barony of Gilt. A heavy black cloak with hood keeps the cold out, when traveling in cold environments. A bronze pin from the swordsman’s guild is always Visible on his person.


Thomas was born in Teneborc, eldest of four children, of which only a sister and brother remain; Thomas’ youngest brother died from an unknown disease at age 2. Thomas’ father and mother both made a living as shipwrights. Thomas did not take the the trade as well as his siblings, and it was just as well. Being the eldest child, he was sent to be a squire with a local knight, in hopes the that families prestige and position would follow him. Sadly, what the Knight claimed in honor, he lacked in skill, and was murdered by bandits along the highway (whispers say that the bandits were hired by a rival noble). However, the Knight, in his will, had left a simple claim that Thomas showed potential, and came with a posthumous recommendation to the Andrews school of fencing.

Already set on a martial career, Thomas attended the school, and upon graduation, was enlisted into a company of marines serving the crown, beginning his career as a Corporal, and quickly promoting to Sergeant. It was during this time that the Queen’s suit for power was underway, and, along with many other men, Thomas fought for her cause; notably, landed with his fellow men, Thomas took initiative beyond his station, bolstered by the local Baron’s son inability to act against a treasonous earl who had taken his manor, and led a team of men in a daring raid, accomplishing a feat through sheer bravado and quick thinking.

Thomas the Hawk

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