Sean MacEarly O'Brian

Innish Gunslinging Captain with a sharp wit and silver tongue


Brawn: 1
Finesse: 3
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3
Panache: 4

Perception 6k2


Sean prefers the title Captain over The Right and Honorable Sean MacEarly O’Brian, Baron Kimlick. In his mind, his Captaincy is the result of deeds, not heritage and he’d rather be a man known by his deeds then his title.

Physically, Sean is average height, 5’10", slim and quick. His extremely attractive features are masculine and clean. His face is always shaven, even during long voyages. Under a thoughtful brow, his emerald eyes are always on the move, taking in the room, the ladies, and potential enemies. His fiery red hair is usually neatly tied back in a pony tail, short sideburns sliding down his cheeks.

On land he’s usually in a long green jacket, very finely tailored, with golden trim and ties rather then buttons. Beneath he wears a fine brown leather vest and a white long sleeve shirt with a minimum of ruffles. Tan pants, and fine dark brown bucked boots adorn his legs. Around his waist he wars a red sash with a finely crafted belt over it, the belt also has a strap going across his chest and over his shoulder (worn over the vest, under the jacket.) This belt holds what is arguably the flashiest things he wears, a beautifully crafted, ivory and gold handled Avalon Shortsword. Across from that, the ivory handle of matching pistol sticks out. He refers to these weapons as the twins, noting that not all twins look alike! When he thinks there might be trouble he’ll pack 4 more finely crafted (but of no comparison to the ‘twin’) pistols on this belt, two in gunslinger style holsters.

Like many of his countryman Sean wears a moderate amount of jewelry, mostly gold. Noteably, he wears a golden family signet ring on the ring finger of his left hand. If you ask him about it, he’ll explain that he was very close to his family and his parents died suddenly while he was studying in Vodacce (I can pick a province if it becomes relevant). Just recently he discovered he has a sister, she was hidden away from him for reasons he doesn’t know. He wears the ring where a wedding ring would be to always remind himself that his family is his first priority.

In short, Sean’s combines fine tailoring with functionality. With few exceptions, what he wears serves a purpose, but it is almost always finely crafted but not to the point of being pompous (he’ll gladly leave that to the Montagine).

When Sean draws a weapon one can see that same philosophy of functionality blended with style. He’s been schooled in swordplay (though not a guild member) but a blade isn’t his first choice. Sword in hand, his fighting style seems inspired by the Donovan school, but with more brutality and finality. A Donavan would likely consider it ungentlemanly to throw a shoulder or a punch to knock his foe off his feet, but not Sean — Sean will gladly knock you off your feet then point a pistol at your face. Firearms are Sean’s weapon of choice. He’s capable of wielding them in either hand with equal proficiency, and he’s a fast draw and a crack shot.

While Sean favors brutal efficiency in combat, that doesn’t stop him from wagging his tongue. Whether in combat or out, his tongue can be pointed. Sean is observant, and using that talent for perception to not only find his opponents weaknesses, but let them know he’s aware of them is something he often does. It can be dark, and even mean-spirited at times, but Sean is a skilled observer, and knows who deserves a crack of his wit, and who doesn’t.

Sean MacEarly O'Brian

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