Deitrich Meinard von Lutz II

Dispossesed Eisen noble learning to be old


Dark deep set eyes and dark hair both lostthe luster of youth. His beard is flecked with bits of grey which seems to suit him just fine. His clothes are never dirty but never overly fine. He is rarely seen without his badge of office, the panzerhand worn on his right fist.


Dietrich lived well, studying under his father to be a baron after his own time was done. His father and he were close, he was his father’s only concern after his mother had died. When he disappeared Baron meinard went looking for him. Both have been gone for almost 10 years. The boy Dietrichs father left behind is now a man, and baron regent. Karl meinard, was only 8 when his family disappeared, the harsh truth that his father abandoned him for his older brother is a knife that may always cut deep. Karl will not stand the sight of his brother. though Dietrich had no control over his situation, it has driven him out of his home and away from his rightful power. Now he has no choice but to travel the world, find his father and bring him home or be forever an outcast and wanderer cursed to never take his rightful throne or walk the halls of his rightful home.

Deitrich Meinard von Lutz II

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