Convergence of Fate

The Power's in the Blood

A untimely flashback!

As the party bathed, dressed and prepared to head to the palace, they pondered back to their last encounter with a new and unknown magic similar to Dame Serpents power.

On the road to Charouse, a few days after the party’s initial encounter with felix-du-lierre-vallee the party encountered something well beyond any of their experiences.

The piece of the road that the party was on seemed dangerous to [[:Thomas the Hawk]], who went to scout ahead. When he did, a sudden flash of light somehow took him away, right in front of the entire party’s eyes.

Confusion set in over the party but as they begain to investigate they realized that perhaps it was they who’d moved, not Thomas. Their Wagon trails only lead back about 20 feet, then nothing, and the scenery around had changed. A small village could be scene in a nearby valley.

Before the party could investigate they caught sight of a Castillian military column coming their way… odd for Northern Montaigne during the war. The party decides to play themselves off as Merchants.

Their ruse works well, the Castillians don’t harass the party, but they do seem to be under the impression that they are somewhere in Southern Castille, further adding to the parties theory, that they’ve been transported somehow.

Things are going well until Sean notices that one of the lieutenants is someone he knows, Content Not Found: ferdinand-the-bull. He also catches sight of Sean, and begins fuming. He stops with a few of his men at the end of the Column to give the party gruff. Dietrich tries to continue with the ruse but Sean takes some verbal pot-shots at him. Ferdinand doesn’t respond to Sean and eventually passes.

The party heads down into the Village, which seems to have been built by contractors from every culture they know, and some they don’t. In the center of town is a pile of dead bodies. A scuffle can be heard from one of the buildings and the party rushes in to find a lady fighting a flesh beast thingie with a knife and frying pan.

After the Beast is dealt with, the lass introduces herself as Content Not Found: molly. She explains to the party that this is something of a temporal crossroads, where most people pass though and some stay to live.

Molly has seen Thomas, in fact he’s been around for quite a while (though he’s not a permanent resident yet). In fact, he’s been with and helping Ferdinand, but they’d been gone for a few days now, and she assumed they’d left the crossroads. She explains that the party may leave when their road ‘shows up’ but what that road will be, no one knows.

Apparently staying to live means that each night, should you fall you regenerate, and by that evening the pub Molly runs is busy. Various members spend time exploring and socalizing.

Pierre discovers that he has been here before… in his personal future, but the current past. And he discovers a blooded box he left behind hidden.

Sean discovers a picture Molly has taken (she’s apparently from the 30’s) of his parents, who seemed to have come here sometime in their lifetime. Sean also allows her to take his picture and he tells her his story as a form of payment for her hospitality.

Hendrich finds a resident Rune Mage and asks for a runned Dagger, offering any price.

Detrich sees a tower off in the distance and realizes that it’s the party’s ‘road’ and rallies the party, but Sean is left behind, busy with Molly getting his picture taken.

Sean catches up to the rest of the group at the base of the tower where they’re fighting the skeletons of Castillian soldiers. The party dispatches them and moves up the tower to discover Thomas, Ferdinand and something that looks somewhat akin a succubus.

Ferdinand begins to gloat at their imminent destruction, that will be aided by their friend Thomas, but Hendrich realizes that he’s wearing a large ruby necklace that seems to be tied to the Succubus. A knife separates the stone from Ferdinand, and suddenly he weakens and the Succubus becomes human-like with angel wings.

Thomas begins to regain control of himself as Sean and Pierre grab at the ruby. When they do, they freeze… seeing a vision of the Bargin for Power from the Syrenth. But this vision differs from common lore; in the vision the woman (with wings) is there asking for power as well, and getting it.

Back in the present, Detrich elects to separate Ferdinand from his head (Sean had explained that we as a bad guy!). Sean and Pierre come out of their psihic wammy and face the woman.

She admits it’s her that they saw bargining for power. But she’d been captured and held in the ruby crystal for centuries. (AS PER RETCON:) Pierre loses hold of the crystal and drops it, perhaps bumped by Ferdinand during his final moments.

Freed the woman explains that she wanted power because she was unable to have children… but even with the power, she could only have children with a very specific line of men. She has, after a thousand years found that in Thomas, and she intends to take him.

Detrich offers his family name and protection to her children with Thomas, and she accepts receiving a magical mark on his arm as the bargain is sealed.

Sean argues for Thomas’s free will and choice and opposes her in general. Eventually Thomas comes-to and is able to weigh in on the matter, convincing her that she needs to first prove that she’s not the monster Sean describes before he will mate with her.

She elects to give up on life, and asks Detrich to take he head. He does.

Later that evening back in the pub, Pierre and Sean have a big argument about the incident. Pierre wondering if Sean thinks that all magic users are evil and will stab him in the back.

Hendrich meets again with the Rune Mage and receives a rune knife and brand. The brand compels him to serve the family of the rune mage, and the rune on the knife, sadly can’t be used by a non-runemage TRICKERY!!! Hendrich curses all Vesten!

Shortly after, the party leaves and returns to the road to Montaigne.



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