Convergence of Fate

Research and Duels

Session 2

The party were each individually woken by Pierre’s steward Laurent Courbe, having spent the night in the Manor. He critiqued everyone’s clothing (regardless of the quality), and offered tailoring services.

The party met for breakfast and planning. While food was being served, Sean’s crew member “Big” Thom Flint showed up in a courier’s uniform that was way too small for him. Pierre, seeing this, had his steward measure Thom for more suitable clothes. Sean observed the Steward planting something on Thom. The ‘something’ turned out to be a small stone pin, about 3 inches long. It glowed when certain people held it, green(blue?) for Sean, red for Pierre, purple for Thom’s mechanical Syrenth hand, dimly gray for Dietrich, and brighter gray when touching his Dracheneisen. The party deduced that it must be tied to Sorcery. Dietrich insisted that he be allowed to perform a private experiment and went upstairs with the pin. When he came back down it had grown larger… and he had nothing to report. Pierre then blooded the object which permanently turned it red and caused Pierre to suffer a dramatic wound. Hendrick then took the pin and put it into one of his many pockets.

When they went looking for the man who planted the pin, they found he’d departed the manor house, not telling anyone where he’d gone. Pierre ordered the rest of his servants to look for him and, if found, prevent him from leaving again. Confused but undeterred, the party headed to the university library.

When they arrived at the library, the librarian made them wipe their feet before they got too far in. They asked him some questions about the four researchers who disappeared, as well as what they were reading, and who else has read those things since they disappeared. He dithered some and finally revealed that the Emperor’s Scholar, Micheal, had came by and looked at what the researchers did. The last names of both the librarian and Micheal were the same, making the party believe they were related. They got a private room and asked the librarian to send them
the material the researchers looked at. The first scroll the party got was a contract between the Roman Senators and the Syrenth. Most of it was common knowledge, but there were two names, name1 name2 that were also in the contract, and nobody recognized. They later found out that one of those names was in fact a noble line that went extinct.

Sean advised caution. He recounted the history of the contract: The Senators, having lost power to the Emperor had signed a contract with the powerful, and presumed extinct, beings the Syrenth, a contract that had granted them Sorcery. Sean then told the party that the Syrenth were, in-fact not extinct, and that that contract, and many other actions they’d taken in the interim were intended to help them escape imprisonment and return to the world… and that return would spell the end of it. The notion that the Syrenth were not extinct, and plotting to destroy the world was news to everyone… and possibly even left some wondering if Sean spent too much time at sea….

After about 9 hours of study, they decided to leave the library to get dinner and rest. On the way back, some members of the party realized they were being followed by Imperial Musketeers. Pierre confronted them and the party was told that they were under arrest by orders of the Emperor. One of the musketeers told them they were criminals and Deitrich demanded a duel for the slight against his honor. The captain, Charles of Burgandy, who had a silver guild pin, faced him and won handily. Feeling confident, and Montaigne, he asked if anyone else would like to duel him. Sean accepted and got him to allow magic. Sean barely won and captain let us go.

When they reached Pierre’s home, a maid came and told the party that the steward we were looking for this morning was there. They rushed to where the maid said he was and found him dead. His throat was slit. When the party went outside to ask the musketeers if they saw anything, they were found to have just recently relieved the last guards. They asked who was guarding before hand and got some names, so we ask for their superior. After the guard checked the body, and found a mark of a snake on his chest, we left for the musketeers closest barracks.

The captain at the barracks was in fact the same person who tried to arrest them less than an hour ago. After some talking, yelling, threatening, pleading, and Deitrich finding a serpent ring on his finger matching the serpent carved into the Steward’s chest, they found out that he works for a Dame Serpente, whom he loves. She apparently didn’t like the fact the party is in Charouse and wishes to have us killed. The captain was trying to arrest them so he could get the party out of the city and away from danger due to a debt he owed Pierre’s family. As they were leaving, he tried to kill himself and Hendrick stopped him by throwing a dagger and pinning his hand to the back of his chair. A few members of the party tried to get him to stop killing himself until Pierre finally convinced him by suggesting that he destroy the corruption in the Musketeers until he was killed himself.

After that they left and went to Pierre’s Manor. The party wanted to confront the Dame Serpente and went to what they believed was her whereabouts. The place was Pierre’s Mother’s Cousin’s Manor. When they arrived, the party was told to wait and they did for about ten minutes. After that length of time, Sean got impatient and with the help of Big Thom, barged in on Pierre’s cousin and her Husband, Lady and Lord Caplet having dinner (but no [[:Dame Serpente]]). They where unhelpful and evasive when asked about the Lady. After noticing that this man too wore a Serpent ring, Sean finally pried his tongue loose by unleashing a barrage of insults, imply that Big Thom was there to ‘serve’ the Lady, and he could ‘serve’ the man too, though Sean doubted he could handle “Little Thom”. They learned that the ring was a symbol of his love for Lady Serpent. The party also learned that the Lady is staying somewhere else and they needed to go through the sewers to get to her, and also that she uses an unknown type of magic that causes metal to become extremely hot. While Sean’s insults had helped get the party information, they’d also gotten Sean a duel to the death for noon the following day.

The party left the manor soon after…



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