Convergence of Fate

of wheels and wages.

in which, here comes a new challenger

We last left our heroes battered and beaten jostled about in a throng of upset common folk. As the party work there way through the crowd, another piece of du Arnolds dastardly plan is rolling into place. our heroes notice the 50’ clue from afar and redirect their attentions to stopping this profane weapon from being used. Hendricks explains how he can stop it cold and while the gang is weighing their options, he takes off down the side streets, Sean following at his heels. meanwhile Dietrich and Thomas rally the mob into a fervor and Thomas takes a nearly mortal shot while they draw attention from the vital portion of the gangs plan.

after some clever lying, and clever bribing, the two sneaks manage to secure a perfect position to attack the ring. Hendricks waits for the perfect shot and takes it, severing the rope cleanly and starting the dangerous process of bringing down the ring. unfortunately, the perfect shot came at precisely the wrong moment and, as the ring falls, our heroes realize that it is going to fall on them! darting into action, they manage to save the civilians as the house crashes down around them and as they pull themselves from the rubble, the rest of the party rejoins them with the incited surge of the angry mob.

as the group reconnects, they notice a strange man lying in the rubble of the caravan. before our heroes could question him, Sean notices the first cart in the caravan is still moving, its cargo unhindered! without a moment to lose, the group gallops off in hot pursuit.

deftly navigating the city in turmoil, the adventurers emerge in front of the carriage and begin to deal with its drivers. COMEPLETELY INTENTIONALY, Dietrich manages to “dismount” and “despoke” the carriage, managing to only get slightly run over in the process. Thomas broke his sword off in someones ass and Sean “kirked” his way to immortality while Hendricks casually picked off the pursuers.

unbeknownst to our heroes, the strange man from earlier had made his way back into the carriage to try his hand at disabling its contents. when the cart was overturned so was he, as is discovered. the caravan stopped, the group remounts and takes off into the night to rest, recuperate, and reintroduce themselves to an old acquaintance.

once safely away, the heroes question the strange man and realize he is the same rabid unwashed survivor saved from the prison beneath the palace. he goes by the name Verdandi and has studied the artifact in charuse for some number of months. though he seems slightly delirious, he would be an invaluable asset and the heroes agree to bring him along.

the gang takes some time to sleep, arising that night to discover a group of musketeers escorting the Dias to a riverboat under cover of darkness. as they prepare to intercept the surreptitious shipment, they realize they have been beaten to the punch by their old ally Annaka.

Hendrick doesn’t waste a moment, himself and the new asset verdandi slip away undetected to confront the figures on the boat. meanwhile the rest of the band of brigands formulate a plan to board. Hendrick tries to talk to Lady Annaka, discovering that she is a mercenary it becomes clear she will not cooperate when she politely offers to kill him, free of charge.

in that moment the rest of the party hurdles onto the scene, taking their horses from the pier to the barge effortlessly. COMPLETELY INTENTIONALLY: Dietrich cunningly decides to direct his horse into a headlong tackle of riverboat; using this to mask his presence from the imminent enemy.

after some clever bartering and smart swordplay, the mercenaries are defeated and kicked off the boat. annaka takes the opportunity to sink the barge, plunging through the deck in bearform and sending our heroes and their prize into the drink.

almost everyone is rescued by nearby boat, the good captain o’bbrian being the exception. once aboard, our heroes quickly discover this boat was intended to carry the other piece to the ancient weapon and in a few hours, the same musketeers from the carravan were to come aboard and wait for orders. With a little luck and alot of lying, the galant gang was able to get away again.

as the heroes get ready to pat themselves on the back, sean points out that the job isn’t over yet. the artifact is still dangerous and will be back in the hands of the villainous monsieur du’arnold soon. verdandi then takes this moment to produce his own days works, revealing to the group his deft dismantlement of the drowned dias. satisfied that the day is saved, our heroes make plans to leave.



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