Convergence of Fate

le Danse Macabre

Montaigne court at it's best.

We join our band of stalwart adventures just after leaving the throws of our coveted lady serpents attentions. Naturally, as to be expected when courting gutter trash, our heroes emerge unto daybreak smelling of sewer and covered in filth. Upon realizing the time, our heroes nearly retched. After all, it was almost time for them to attend court and very few hearty adventurers have the stomach for that. So they made their way to pierres home.

Upon a thorough scrub and a few fashion emergencies, out merry men were once again off with little call for sleep. Shortly thereafter, our gang arrived at the sun palace to find it with slightly less grounds to speak of. It appears our heroes gallant galavantings had left their mark!

In honest shock, at placement if nothing else, our well bred vagabonds were ushered in and announced to mix with the gentiles of the montaigne court. Once inside the gang quickly, perhaps even haphazardly, developed a strategy and set to. Young henrick began charming the high nobles with his sharp mind and quick wit, while noble pierre began to spread rumors about the dastsrdly du arnolds. Meanwhile, the stark Dietrich gave a stirring performance of an original peice to honor the king.

Seizing upon the opportunity, sean took lady serpent by the hand and danced. While he was unable to glean any new information from her, he did manage to scare the ever loving piss out of her which is almost as good.

Once the performance was done, and the performers bloodied from the effort, the dressing of the king ceremony was set to begin. Only moments before the king arrived strange men began to filter into the audience chambers. Moments after the king was in place, nobles began to drop, falling unconscious as a noxious odor pressed in from the candles on the edge of the room. Our heroes, caught on quickly but were divided. Some believed it was not their place to interfere in a revolution, even if this was an assassination attempt. Some however, leaped into action routing the dastardly foe with the help of the kings own lightning guard.

As the smoke cleared and the victors emerged, Dietrich presented himself to the king. After being offered all the honors within the kings power the stubborn lord refused them, insulting the wicked king and questioning his ability to lead his people. For all his valiant efforts he won himself an exile but his friends stood by, well about half did anyway and were ordered to be gone within the day.

Sean, Big Thom and the ladies, having negotiated Detrich’s exile rather then execution, stayed at the palace for lunch to discuss with Le Emperor the matter of a ‘Dame Serpente’ operating illegally within the city… much to the ‘joy’ of Lady Chevilerre de Arnold.

Meanwhile Detrich, Thomas, and Hendrich collected their things from Peirre’s family estate, and were picked up by the guard for escort out of town… or so they thought. When they departed the house they discovered the Captain of the contingent of guards to be none other then Charles du Burgandy. Charles did not escort them out of town, but instead brought them to a stronghold of the resistance.



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