Convergence of Fate

It's "O'Brian" with two L's.

Into the Sewers

The session starts right after the party leaves “some Lords house”. Pierre confronts Sean about his abuse of the Lords hospitality and impingement of Pierre’s honor as a result. Pierre admits that the Lord needs to die, but to get some of his honor back, he will apologize to the Lord in public before the duel and convince him that he should show no mercy to Sean. Pierre tells the party of his plans so they don’t get the wrong idea when they hear the apology in a few days.

After the small confrontation, the party heads to a medic to get their wounds tended to. Pierre pays upfront for everyone. Sean and Dietrich get patched up normally but Pierre gets a potion to heal the magic inflicted wounds he has. While browsing the potion room(closet), Hendrick buys a glowing potion from the medic that is made from fire flies. The medic admits that he doesn’t know what it would do when ingested. Before they leave, the medic advises that Pierre should eat a lot with the potion and Pierre, suddenly feeling really hungry, declares he is going home to eat. He is soon convinced to go to a nearby restaurant since it is closer.

Upon entering the restaurant, Pierre is extravagantly greeted by the maitre d’ by his family name of Prasse du Rachatisse. The party is taken to their table and notice that almost everyone else has a red armband. The party is slightly on their guard, but when the first course arrives, they relax a bit. While eating, a Lady comes up to Pierre and asks that he join her for lunch in four days. Pierre makes no promises, but says he will try to make it if he can. Later, another woman comes, who was recently widowed, and wishes Pierre to join her as well as her manor. Again Pierre makes no promises, but says that he should arrive in 3 days for brunch. After about an hour of eating, the party tries to leave, but the maitre d’ is really pushy in keeping them from leaving and so the party stays for another hour before leaving.

When they reach the entrance of the sewers, the party finds that Thom is too big to fit through the grate and so the party leaves him behind. The smell is horrible in there, but even so, Pierre smells the perfume of someone following us. Pierre identifies it as the perfume Lady Serpent wore when they last met. The party plans an ambush. Hendrick stands on the other side of the sewer and gets stealthy. Sean hides behind Hendrick. The rest move a little bit further and wait for their pursuer. Their follower was captured without trouble and happened to be a hobo with a fine cloak given to him by Lady Serpent. Sean and Dietrich successfully intimidate him and get enough information to bluff and tell the hobo that the Lady wishes to see them.

The hobo takes the party to a blank wall and does something to make the wall disappear and reveal a passage way. The hobo leads them to a room with about a dozen other hobos, all with fine cloaks. The lead hobo questions why they are hear and the party bluff a bit saying that Dietrich is the Lady’s new consort. The bluff fails and there is a fight. The hobos bring out strange looking guns that shoot lightning but the party is undeterred and defeats them soundly. They hear footsteps of reinforcements coming and Pierre yells “They are headed towards her Lady’s chambers!”

Suddenly, the altar in the middle of the room opens and out steps Lady Serpent. She quickly knocks out Hendrick and unleashes and terrifying aura that causes Pierre and Dietrich to freeze in terror. Then, using some type of magic, ensnared the minds of the two people cowering. She ordered them to subdue their compatriots and they did so without hesitation.

Thomas attacks Lady Serpent right away and she takes quite a few wounds; Thomas then parries an energy blast that causes his blade to become red hot. Sean and Dietrich duke it out with their fists while Pierre summoned a portal and took Thomas’s weapon which had been blooded a few hours earlier. Lady Serpent grabs Thomas and throws him into Sean and Dietrich causing them all to fall down. Hendrick woke up then and slowly got to his feet, but was attacked by one of the minions that had entered the room during the fight. During this time, Sean has been trying to snap his friend out of it and it finally works letting Dietrich to regain control of his mind. Lady Serpent ordered all her minions to kneel before her and all the minions as well as Pierre did so. Dietrich stood up dramatically and said “something” and then attacked Lady Serpent. Meanwhile, as Pierre knelled before Lady Serpent, he got his wits and mustered up the will to resist The lady’s orders. Sean decided to fight the steward with his bare hands in order to get a sword from him. Suddenly, Pierre stood up and got between Dietrich and Lady Serpent, faced Dietrich, raised his sword and stabbed Lady Serpent through his armpit.

The Lady had enough and summoned some rings and in a flash a white, she, as well as Pierre, Dietrich, and the Lady’s steward, were transported somewhere else.

Hendrick, Sean and Thomas were surprised to be joined by felix-du-lierre-vallee and lady-anika, and a dozen wolves. They began to describe themselves as allies and how they came to be there, but their conversation was interrupted by the sound of fighting. The newly expanded party followed the continued sound of fighting deeper into the underground and found Dame Serpent and their allies battling in front of a strange altar and a giant vertically placed ring. Between blows Dame Serpent was ‘playing’ with the altar. Pierre deduced that she was up to something intentional and important so he decided to help her out and ‘played’ with the altar as well… this had the effect of spoiling whatever she had in mind and Dame Serpent, with a frustrated threat of days to come, summoned more rings and disappeared leaving the two groups in a huge room littered with bodies.



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